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Best of cloud security 2013

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See which vendors' offerings our readers voted to be the best cloud security products of the year in our 2013 Readers' Choice Awards.? More>>

Five Ways Cloud Services Can Soothe Security Fears in 2014

Enterprise use of cloud services grew tremendously in 2013, but perceived security shortfalls continue to be the biggest block for companies in adopting the services. Here are five topics that companies should discuss with their cloud providers in 2014, according to security experts. More>>

Cloud and BYOD Data Security Storm is Brewing

A new survey reveals that enterprises are rushing to employ cloud applications and mobile devices for mission-critical operations, but most do not have the proper controls in place to prevent data breaches, fraud, and other threats. More>>

A Beginners Guide to Cloud Storage Encryption


Different users have different priorities when it comes to cloud storage. If privacy is important to you, you need to understand the basics of encryption before entrusting data to a cloud storage provider. More>>

Invention lets companies choose greener cloud options

IBM inventors have patented a technique that enables cloud computing data center operators to dynamically redistribute workloads to lower-powered or underutilized systems, thereby minimizing the environmental footprint and impact of cloud services. More>>